00 people can dine under the same roof every day at busy times.He hired six chefs and

he army, and that they should not be forgotten, as wisdom and power is obtaine

d from history."Without the development of old revolutionary bases, we will not be able to achieve a moderately prosperous ▓society

," Xi said.Liang has 18

adjusted the menu to feature local specialt▓ies. High-speed wifi is also availab▓le for customers as they are waiting."Net income will ▓exceed 200,000 yuan this year," said Liang, who ▓was a miner with a monthly income of about 5,000 yuan three years ago.Liangjiahe is

big tables and t▓hree s

expected to receive o▓ver 900,000 visitors this year, bringing 13 mi▓llion yuan in revenue. Per capita income will reach 18▓,000 yuan.Targeted poverty alleviation is the household name for a policy that was put forward by President Xi during hi

mall ones in his 100-squ

s ins▓pection tour to the central province of Hunan in November 2013.Development is the general method to eliminate poverty, and governments in poverty-hit▓ regions should suit their measures to different conditions ▓and help locals find out ways to shake off

are-meter rural gu

pover▓ty, he said during the trip.Shibadong is a Miao minority village and was labeled "poor" at the time. Shibadong in Chinese means 18 caves, and there are 18 natural karst caves in the village. Sca▓rcity of arable land was the biggest obstacle to local vil


lagers hoping to improve their lives▓."We are poor in resources, but rich in fascinating culture and landscape," said Gong Haihua, the village▓ head.I

 Nearly 2

nspired by Xi's idea of targeted poverty alleviation, the village committee started supporting industries such ▓as breeding, planting, Miao embroider

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